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Created by the finest distillers in the town of Tequila, Mexico, UWA Tequila is a luxury, super premium spirit, handmade in small batches with a modern twist.

Aged in our own Scottish whisky barrels together with 100% Blue Weber agave, our triple distillation process ensures a tequila that is exceptionally refined, smooth and unique.

Putting a Scottish twist on a Mexican favourite, this is our journey to bring you the world’s first Scotch whisky cask aged tequilas.


The base of all of our tequilas in its purest and most natural form. Our blanco tequila is gently flavoured by the mango, orange and lemon trees that surround the estate, with hints of sweetness and strong cooked agave notes throughout. Our platinum blanco is best served on the rocks or in one of our crafted cocktails.

The blanco will be ready in 70cl bottles for the UK from October 2017 and is available on request for the US in 75cl bottles.


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The first in the line up of our premium aged products, our seven month aged reposado boasts a sweet honey and vanilla taste with a earthiness from the lowland agave. With a unique balance of sweet caramel notes and a subtle oaky finish from the whisky cask, the reposado ends with a smooth buttery texture on the tongue.

The reposado will be ready in 70cl bottles for the UK from October 2017 and will hit the US market in 75cl bottles in December 2017.


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Our Añejo tequila is at the top of our luxury triple distilled range, offering up one of the most beautiful sipping tequilas available. Like a fine wine or single malt, time is of the utmost importance in order to bring out the extraordinary flavours of our stunning 14 month aged tequila.

The añejo is currently being crafted to perfection and will be released in early 2018.