Our Story

Crafted by the finest distillers in the town of Tequila, Mexico, UWA Tequila is a luxury spirit handmade in small batches with a modern, unique twist.

 Ageing our triple distilled 100% Blue Weber agave tequila in our own handpicked Speyside Scotch whisky casks, we present a spirit so niche and interesting that we’ve ended up being the first people in the world to have ever have created anything like it.

Exceptionally refined with a smooth, complex character, our super premium tequila is second to none. And with our Scottish roots and influences oozing throughout, our aged tequila’s really are something else.

With an innovative outlook and modern branding UWA is the perfect partner for get-togethers, celebrations or enjoying in the comforts of your home. 

Whether they’re for sipping, shooting or mixing into cocktails, our tequila’s pack a punch full of flavour and will leave you wanting more…

Expect the unexpected.


Michael Ballantyne

Michael Ballantyne


Ross Davidson

Ross Davidson



UWA or [you-wa] comes from a Scottish slang meaning “you won’t”. It started out as being said as a dare to someone taking a shot “UWA down that?!” With tequila being recognised as a shooting tequila we wanted to twist the saying to mean the opposite.


Our casks start their life in America being handcrafted by various cooperages across the States where they are used to age bourbon. After serving their initial purpose they are then shipped over to Scotland from the USA, and are used to create and age some of the finest Speyside Scottish Single Malt whisky.

Once this process is complete and the whisky is matured, UWA Tequila then hand select the very best casks, and export them to Tequila in Mexico where they are used to age and rest our super premium tequilas.


All of our blue weber agave are hand picked in the beautiful lowlands of Tequila, Mexico. It takes 8 – 10 years to produce an agave plant that is suitable for tequila production and it is carefully nurtured by our skillful Jimadores.

The stalks cut from the Piñas are recycled and used to make paper, the fibres left after the agave are pressed are used as a fertiliser. This fertiliser is then used to help the agave grow until they reach maturity in the never ending cycle to produce this truly special plant.

Take your time

It takes time to make UWA – take the time to enjoy it!
Our Scottish whisky heritage shines bright in our tequilas as well as our love for refined agave spirits so we’ve designed all of our triple distilled luxury range for sipping. From our sweet roasted agave Platinum Blanco to our rested Reposado and aged Añejo there is always an UWA tequila to enjoy on its own.

That said, we know that many of you love creating drinks with tequila, and UWA makes a fantastic, luxurious, easy-to-mix base for cocktails. We’ve added a few ideas to our cocktails page for a little inspiration. ¡Salud!