Our Story

Scotland and Mexico, two very unique and beautiful places with two very iconic national drinks. So what would happen if we took elements from each and created a blend of both tequila and whisky in a single drink? Well that was the exact question posed by UWA Tequila founder Michael Ballantyne to friend and Master Distiller Luis Trejo. Thus, the two set about combining specialised barrel ageing techniques in small artisanal batches within their Distillery La Cofradia, Mexico (a Distillery owned and operated by the Hernandez family for over 50 years).

With their shared love for one anothers’ native drinks, this intrigue has resulted in the creation of some of the finest craft tequila on offer.

We welcome you to a new age of tequila…

Michael Ballantyne

Michael Ballantyne



It is known that tequila companies often use casks that formerly held bourbon for ageing their tequila, however, we like to do things a little differently at UWA. We have meticulously crafted some of our aged products by utilising some of the finest single malt casks from Scotland and shipped them to Mexico in order to aid in the start of our ageing process.

As a company we aim to keep our ideas fresh and our core values alive, we are actively sourcing unique casks from around the globe with a view to improving our specialised ageing processes.


All of our Blue Weber agave is hand-picked in the beautiful lowlands of Tequila, Mexico. It takes up to 12 years to harvest agave that is suitable for our tequila production. The yeast we use is chemical free and is cultivated right at our distillery, confidently leaving you with an UWA product that is a 100% natural, 100% Agave spirit.

We strive to use the best green practices throughout our manufacturing process, meaning that we only use organic cleaning products on our machinery as well as constantly monitoring our water sources. The stalks that are cut from the piñas are recycled and used to make paper. Once the agave has been pressed the remaining fibres are spread over our own fields as a fertiliser. At UWA we constantly look at ways to make our operation more self-sufficient and friendlier towards the environment.