Our Story

Crafted by the finest distillers in the town of Tequila, Mexico, UWA is a luxury agave spirit handmade in small batches with a unique twist. 

So what's the twist? 

Producing a range of tequilas in various expressions by using the rarest and most refined casks from around the world that no one has solely aged tequila in before. 

Couple this with our pioneering distillation process in which we use volcanic spring water to triple distill our super premium 100% Blue Weber agave tequila, our products are unlike anything you have tried before.

From our 60-day aged Blanco which is rested in steel vats, to our single malt Scotch, wine, and sherry casks, we bring a range of specialist aged agave spirits by combining both modern and traditional practices.

We pride ourselves on innovation and have meticulously crafted all our tequilas in a way that we feel expresses our views of stepping outside your comfort zone to experience something different, something new, and extremely exciting.

Exceptionally refined, remarkably smooth and with a character like no other, UWA blends our contemporary approach with one of Mexico’s most loved, and oldest traditions, bringing you a little piece of what we love so much about living in a world where you can express your own individuality.

A cultural partnership, UWA is a creative combination culminating in an unrivalled range of inspiring spirits for you to savour.

Welcome to a new age of tequila.


Michael Ballantyne

Michael Ballantyne



Tequila is a refined and complex spirit like no other in the industry.

UWA or [you-wa] comes from a Scottish slang meaning "you won't'.

With tequila being recognised for many years as a shooting spirit usually paired with the typical additions of a lime wedge and salt, we strive to change this out-dated perception of tequila and educate people on how to truly savour and enjoy it.

The stereotypical views of shooting tequila with lime and salt are very much in the past. Once you've tried sipping or mixing it, you won't want to drink it any other way...

Welcome to a new age of tequila.


When UWA Tequila was first established, it was based on an idea of pushing the boundaries and stepping outside our comfort zone. Looking to bring something completely fresh to the industry, we sourced Single Malt Scotch Whisky casks just 20 miles from our hometown in Scotland, and shipped them over to Tequila, Mexico to start their journey in the agave spirits world.

What we didn't realise at the time, was how using these casks would shape our business into becoming the specialist ageing tequila company it is today. Improving on industry firsts, and turning our sights to unique, small batch craft tequilas, we bring a range of tequila expressions to the market which have been aged in Single Malt Scotch Whisky, sherry and wine casks. 

Our aim is to create a profile of agave spirits unlike any other, inspire creativity, and to promote the essence of quality over quantity.


All of our vibrant blue weber agave are hand picked in the beautiful lowlands of Tequila, Mexico. It takes 8 – 10 years to produce an agave plant that is suitable for tequila production, and once ready, it is carefully nurtured by our skillful Jimadores.

The stalks cut from the Piñas are recycled and used to make paper, and the fibres left after the agave has been pressed are then used as a fertiliser. This fertiliser is then used to help the agave grow until they reach maturity in the never ending cycle to produce this truly special plant.

Take your time

It takes time to make UWA – take the time to enjoy it!
Our Scottish whisky heritage shines bright in our tequilas as well as our love for refined agave spirits so we’ve designed all of our triple distilled luxury range for sipping. From our sweet roasted agave Platinum Blanco to our rested Reposado and aged Añejo there is always an UWA tequila to enjoy on its own.

That said, we know that many of you love creating drinks with tequila, and UWA makes a fantastic, luxurious, easy-to-mix base for cocktails. We’ve added a few ideas to our cocktails page for a little inspiration. ¡Salud!